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Welcome to Carrabelle!

Carrabelle, Florida has much to offer residents and visitors alike.  To find out attractions and areas of interest there are in the Carrabelle area, see our Visiting section.



Carrabelle, FL

City of Carrabelle

1001 Gray Avenue

Carrabelle, FL  32322



World's Smallest Police Station


The World’s Smallest Police Station

Located on US 98 at the corner of CR67, the phone booth-sized police station has an interesting history and is certainly a sight to see. 


Stop by and see this one-of-a-kind famous police station!

For flood protection information in our area, please contact 

  "The City of Carrabelle is a Fair Housing AdvocateIf you feel you have been discriminated against, you may file a housing discrimination complaint at:1-800-669-9777 (Toll Free) or 1-800-927-9275 (TTY) or locally, City Administrator at (850697-3618."

 "The City of Carrabelle is an Equal Employment Opportunity Advocate. If you have any questions about equal employment opportunies or feel you may have been discriminated against, you may contact the City Administrator at (850697-3618."

"The City of Carrabelle is a Section 504/ADA Compliant Advocate.  If you feel you may have been discriminated against, you may contact the City Administrator at (850697-3618."

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Carrabelle City Hall:
(850) 697-3618
106 SE Avenue B
Carrabelle, FL 32322